Deadly Inscription


Deadly Inscription were formed around May 2006 by Ryan Peacock and Colin Campbell. After a major reformation of the band in 2008, including a natural change of genre, Deadly Inscription have written, recorded, and performed their own material across the UK, reaching final stages of UK wide tournaments including Battle For Bloodstock: Metal to the Masses and Surface Unsigned.

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See Deadly Inscription live at the Classic Grand on Friday the 7th September.

Freddie Why


Freddie Why are a four-piece pop/indie/rock band from North Ayrshire. They started in late 2011, and haven't stopped since! 

By January 2012, they had a 30 minute setlist of original material (and a cover or two of course!) when they had their first gig at Ivory Blacks on the 5th Jan. This was then followed up by another 2 gigs at Ivory Blacks, in February and May. Their last gig was through YRock, on the 27th July at the Classic Grand. The night was excellent - they had a turn out of about 35 people just for them, and it was the biggest crowd they played to.

They're halfway through creating an EP - they have 2 songs completed, which can be heard at their Soundcloud!

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See Freddie Why live at the Classic Grand on the 7th September. 

The Mathletics Team


Formed in late 2009, The Mathletics Team embraces everything about comic books, loud tunes and big choruses.

Based in an undisclosed Scottish mountain, The General gathered to him: a mad scientist, a time travelling norseman, the universe's finest escape artist, a crow, a super villain, a hillbilly holy man and a human super computer.

Travelling all the corners of the universe in search of adventure, excitement, J├Ągermeister and the craziest party this side of Galscham-5.

They are here to melt your face with the sickest licks, to melt your mother's face with the loudest hits, to shatter your pelvis with the biggest choruses and to travel the universe from Glasgow to London, from New York to Vancouver, from New Zealand to the Moon, to Mars, to the farthest edge of the NGC 4203 Galaxy and play world ending shows for the salvation of music.

Can your face take the heat?

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See The Mathletics Team at the Classic Grand on Friday the 7th September.

The Rain Experiment


The Rain Experiment have been a band since late 2011, playing some good music and just having a good time. Simples. They have just released their EP on iTunes. 

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See The Rain Experiment live at The Classic Grand on Friday the 7th September